Friday, July 27, 2007

Moe's in Springfield

Today offered a perfect Simpsons experience. I caught the 9:30 AM showing of the movie, which I thought was amazing! For the most part, the film managed to capture the magic of classic episodes of the series.

Then I went to Moe's in Springfield (Pennsylvania) for the genuine Simpsons experience. It's run by a Simpsons fan named Chris, and has Simpsons murals everywhere, and "Duf beer" on tap. (The single "f" in "Duf" is probably for avoiding trademark infringement.)

At Moe's today there was a 5 hour radio broadcast with Philadelphia's legendary rock DJ, Andre Gardner of WMGK. He has one of the most extensive Beatles record collections I'm aware of, and chooses selections from these every Sunday for "Breakfast with the Beatles." Here's a photo of the event (with Andre holding a copy of my book), taken by V.R. Morales:

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