Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Evolution of Homer Sapiens

The Simpsons episode, "Homerazzi," that recently aired in the US has a fantastic couch scene, brilliantly tied into evolutionary science. The scene begins with Homer as a single-celled organism swimming beneath the primordial ocean. Each time the cell divides it screams out "D'oh," until we witness a cacaphony of these cries. Eventually it evolves into a Homer-fish, then a Homer-amphibian that cautiously crawls onto land. The pace picks up, and then we see the first Homeroid (Homer Sapiens, perhaps) slouching on two feet. A succession of Homers in history follows, including Victorian Homer. Finally modern Homer arrives at his sacred couch and joins his family.

The punchline: Marge scolds him: "What took you so long!!!"

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